Frequently Asked Questions


Why use Quil Protection instead of Apple Care?

Apple care must be purchased within 60 days of your purchase from Apple. Apple Care is not offered on used Apple products. Quil Protection provides coverage on all Apple products no matter when your purchase was made.

When does my protection start?

If you purchase a new Apple or Beats product your protection plans starts the same day of purchase. If you purchased a used Apple product your plan starts 30 days after the purchase of your protection program.

What is covered with device protection

Device Protection: covers your device in the event of
1. Accidental damage (drops, Spills, and cracks.
2. Hardware service (mechanical/electrical breakdown
3. Replacement of a device that can not be repaired.
4. Keypad failure.

Are my accessories covered?

Your protection plan covers your device, standard battery, standard charger cable, and sim. Accesories provided as part of your original device purchase are covered only in the event of the simultaneous damage of the device and accessory.

Why do I need a protection plan when some devices come with a warranty?

The manufacturer's warranty may not protect your device in the event of accidental damage.
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